The OUTDOOR PROTECTION™ repellent is a mixture of all natural essential oils.  There is nothing whatsoever that is chemical based or artificial in this product. That means NO DEET or other harmful chemicals around you, your family, or your pets. And best of all, it's a natural moisturizer.

In today’s world – protection of the environment is up to us!  Fragile ecosystems can be damaged with chemical repellents and most eco-sensitive regions will not allow chemical agents.  Do your part and use an all natural repellant. Use Outdoor Protection.


The spray should last approximately five and a half hours from a single application. It's recommended that it be applied at least twice a day to the body and any clothing (note: product should be tested in an inconspicuous location on any delicate materials or fabrics).  Typically the first application is made after showering and drying yourself making sure to get it everywhere. And remember, it's a moisturizer too.


This product has been clinically tested at El Yunque, the tropical rain forest in Puerto Rico, which was ground zero for the zika virus.  It has also been scientifically tested at  Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control, a center of national excellence in mosquito research in Louisiana. It works! Just read our testimonials.

Applying outdoor protection repellEnt.

A little goes a long way. Start by spraying the repellent into your hands and rub into arms (for sensitive skin, test a small area on the back of hand first). Continue on to rub into feet, ankles, and legs. Repeat spraying into hands and continue to rub into the rest of your body working your way up to your neck, ears and face. Remember, the repellent is made of all natural oils and acts as a moisturizer as well.

If spraying on clothing, test a small amount in an inconspicuous area of the material to ensure the fabric will not stain from the essential oils. Keep spray 2.5 – 3 feet away from clothing when spraying.

Reapply Outdoor Protection repellent if you go swimming or sweat as the essential oils are water-soluble.


Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. Do not freeze.




The Outdoor Comfort line – just like the Outdoor Protection line – is all natural. No harmful chemicals so it’s safe to use around pets and children.


The Outdoor Comfort candles are made to last. With a burn time as long as 30 hours for the large candle, your backyard, picnic, or camp site will be free of mosquitoes, ticks and no-see-ums. Made from the highest quality products, the wick will not burn out and will last as long as your candle does.


These candles are small enough to pack for any outing. The largest just over 3” x 2.25”  is perfect for those long camping and fishing trips. The medium sized candle at a little under 3” x 2” is perfect for a picnic, movie in the park or an evening in the back yard. Our smallest size is made for you adventurers and backpackers – at 2.5” x .75” you’ll be able to fit a few in your rucksack. 


Our synergy of unique and exotic essential oils is made in the USA by Lebermuth Co. in Southbend, IN., an 108 year old family-owned company whose quality standards are recognized by national and international authorities.


Dr. Mark Zukowski is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon for his work in the gender community and for the past 20 years has been a pioneer in endoscopic minimal scar face and body feminization. He developed this product following an Alaskan fishing trip (catch and release) in 2013.  He and his wife flew over 700 miles southwest of Anchorage and west 150 river miles up the Innoko River, a branch of the Yukon.  Sleeping in tents, they used every combination of natural, chemical, DEET concentration, patch, band, protective clothing, netting, candle and incense commercially available. 2013 was recorded as one of the worst summers for mosquitos in this area. They came home quite “bitten up” but the experience was worth the “welts”. Upon his return, Dr. Zukowski was determined to use his biochemistry and plastic surgery knowledge to develop an all-natural moisturizing repellent. A year later he brought the Outdoor Protection brand to the public.