Whether you're planning a picnic in the park, on a fishing or hunting trip in the deep woods, zip-lining through the jungles of Costa Rica, or just going for a jog in the neighborhood...know you are protected when wearing OUTDOOR PROTECTION™ repellent and using OUTDOOR COMFORT™ insect repelling candles.

No other brand compares to this All Natural, chemical free, skin moisturizing, long lasting repellent. A single application of repellent spray can last up to 5.5 hours and keep you protected from virus carrying mosquitoes, biting no-see-ums, and nasty ticks.

Don't believe it?  See what some of our loyal fans have to say. [scroll down - check it out]

I just got back from Turks and Caicos where I went bone fishing, and had to walk through a mangrove for about 200 yards to get to our fishing spot. We were puzzled when our guide stopped a quarter mile from the parking area to put the fly rods and other gear together. He said if you try and do it at the parking area you will be eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Right then and there we thoroughly rub on some OUTDOOR PROTECTION™. We drove to the parking area, and walked thru the mangrove to our fishing spot without a bite. We could hear them, and see them, but we were never bitten. We fished for four hours and returned through the mangrove not to be bitten.

Great stuff! The fragrance is nice too! I’ll definitely keep a bottle in my truck and boat at all times.
— Bill Shumway, Wisconsin Muskie Fishing Guide / Lure Maker
My crew and I went 150 miles up the Innoko River this early July to clear our campsite for our summer fishing clients. You can imagine the mosquitos, gnats, and no-see-ums that you stir up...
We used OUTDOOR PROTECTION™ exclusively and we did not get “bit or landed on” for 6 hours.
My crew and I were amazed at how good it works. Since then, this is the only stuff I recommend to my clients and exclusively use.
— Bruce Werba Master fishing & hunting guide, Owner of Alaska Pike Safaris and Wilderness Adventure
I have always been the person that goes outside and gets bit 10 times by mosquitoes. I would get a rash with any chemical repellents. Because of this, I really did not like going outdoors in the summer months.

Well, those days have come to an end thanks to OUTDOOR PROTECTION™! Now, I don’t even get one bite! I’ve used it against mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, and watched the sunset without swatting bugs away because of this wonderful product.

I’ve even used it on myself when I was pregnant and on my 11 month old. I swear by OUTDOOR PROTECTION™ and I make sure it is always in my handbag for vacation and in the summer months. Thanks OUTDOOR PROTECTION™ - you have changed my life!
— Jessica I. - Working Mother, Philadelphia, PA.

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